To The Lighthouse

I dont think are many people that would disagree that the lighthouse is regarded by most of us with both romanticism and respect. I don’ often visit art galleries, but on a wet and windy sunday last weekend I headed down to Manly Art Gallery to take a look at Fairlie Kingston’s ceramic exhibition “To the Lighthouse” which was right up my street as far as art is concerned.

Crowdy Head Lighthouse by Fairlie Kingston

Kingston’s Fairlie makes the most beautiful handmade ceramic light houses that are modelled on real Australian lighthouses such as Sydney Harbour’s Wedding Cake and  Port Phillip Bay’s South Channel Lighthouse. The exhibition also includes some vases and ceramic tiles depicting harbour scenes including a Manly Ferry Series. Apart from the fact that they are really beautiful to look at, the thing I really like about the exhibition is that it highlights the need to protect our coastal architectural heritage.  The title of the exhibition is inspired by the Virginia Woolfe novel “To the Lighthouse”. In a recent interview in the Sydney Morning Herald Kingston refers to this inspiration, quoting Woolfe’s childhood reminiscences of “lying half asleep, half awake in the Nursery at St Ives (in Cornwall). It is of hearing the waves breaking, one, two, one, two, behind a yellow blind…It is of lying and hearing this splash and seeing this light and feeling it is almost impossible that I should be here; of feeling the purest ecstasy I can conceive.”

Anyway, that’s my cultural themed blog for the week! I highly recommend getting down to Manly to take a look. The exhibition is on until the 7th March and entry to the gallery is free. If you make it down there let me know what you think.

Kingston Fairlie is represented by Australian Galleries

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  1. Went to see this today and thought it was BRILLIANT!! Couldn’t decide which one I liked best but also loved Sali Herman’s paintings on exhibit there too. Was torn between the House in Cornwall and the lovely big painting of the reflection in a lake.
    Thanks for the tip, I would never have found the exhibition otherwise.
    Also, I went did the Shark Dive Extreme dive in the shark tank at Oceanworld when I was down there, maybe this could be a subject for your next blog? Or I could do a guest blog!?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the exhibition Kate, I think it would be hard not to with that one! Also I have to admit I missed the Sali Herman painting of the house in Cornwall, I must have been so wrapped up in the lighthouses! Pretty bad considering I’m from Cornwall, but a good excuse to go back! Would love to hear about your shark dive experience. I’ll get in touch via email and we can set you up to do a guest blog :)

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