Cabin Fever

I’ve spent the last couple of days trapped indoors nursing a toddler with a nasty fever.  So plans for a St Valentines inspired romantic riverside picnic for four (thats me, the toddler, the dog and the husband) have been temporarily put on hold. So between administering to Tessas’s temperature and watching back to back episodes of Wallace and Gromit with her, my mind turned to matters, not of cheese (as is normally the case with W&G), but to matters of medicine. 

Cabin Fever

I have been meaning for a long time to sign up for a long overdue first aid course . My first port of call is the St John’s ambulance website

St John run a range of courses including one aimed at carers of children. They also mention courses targeted at specific groups such as divers, although these are not listed so you may need to make enquiries and schedule a course. They also have a remote area first aid course. They are very affordable (if you can put a price on these kind of skills!) and usually run for 8 hours from 8.30 -4.30 at locations all over Australia.  The site is very easy to navigate and you can easily find a list of the courses available in your state.

In the meantime there are lots of other useful resources on the site including  fact sheets and publications specific to particular emergencies such as snake and spider bites . You can also purchase first aid kits online.  I am going to book myself on one of the St John’s courses over the next couple of weeks and will report back on progress. Has anyone else been on a good first aid course they can recommend? In the meantime…back to that romantic picnic…..

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  1. Love your quote of the day Charley (Mark Twain) – I have carried that one around with me for about 15 years. Probably my favourite quote and the way I view life.

  2. Yes, its a good one isn’t it? Sometimes hard to live up to but a good one to keep us on track (or off the track perhaps?!) I am trying to change the quotes every day if I can so let me know if you have any other good ones. Or quote yourself!

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