Pittwater Pelicans

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago when we went for a quick run in the tinny from Church Point on Pittwater. Pelicans are one of my favourite birds, particularly because they are one of the few really big birds that you can regularly get close up to and not like any bird I’ve seen in the UK when I lived there. So for me they are quintessentially Aussie (even though I know you get pelicans on other continents).

 I sometimes wonder what they did before the invention of large roadside streetlamps which are obviously the perfect size for a pelican landing, and so I’m going to call them “peli-pads” from now on. Whilst i was taking snaps of this one there was a bit of a breeze making the lamp sway and I could see him balancing himself by curling and then lifting his enormous grey webbed feet over the edge of the lamp. I wish I could have caught that on film. Anyway I think he is really beautiful and very photogenic!

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  1. Hey CB – great blog :) love all the ideas of places to visit and tips/tricks!
    You’ll have to come up and we’ll visit the pelican feeding at The Entrance, everyday at 3pm :) altho im not sure who tells the pelicans when daylight savings happens! They all gather around, most are usually waiting on the nearby sandbanks as the time approaches and the ‘keepers’ talk about the different characters and give them a good feed of local fish. Its great for visitors to the Central Coast to see and hear a bit about the wildlife.

    1. Wow, I just googled “Pelican feeding the entrance” and found the official website. Apparently The Entrance is the “Pelican Capital of Australia. For anyone who’s interested here’s the link: http://www.theentrance.org/pelican_feeding.html

      Its definitely on my list next time i’m up that way. Thanks for sharing that Bridget!

  2. I love Pelicans too! Every time I see one, I think of one of my favourite movies as a child – Storm Boy – an Aussie classic….

    1. Carmen, I havent seen that classic yet (although I’ve heard of it) so I’ll have to find a copy to watch when I’m at home with the new baby!

  3. Congratulations Charley on your blog!

    You did it! You said you wanted to and look at you now! Well done!

    Love this one about the pelicans. They are so beautiful and majestic. M y heart always skips a beat when I see them in the air!

    Looking forward to connecting with you more on Linkedin

    1. Glad you like the pelicans. I’m trying to make a habit of taking my camera everywhere so I dont misss any opportunities like this. Plenty of room to imrove my photography skills too!

  4. They’re one of my favourites too.
    It always intrigues me how such a large [and seemingly unwieldy] bird manages to look so graceful in the air.
    To watch them catch and eat a fish is another thing altogether,

    Happy day!

    Felicity x

    1. Yes, I think they must have big air tanks on board. You don’t get them in the UK where I grew up so I think of them as quintessentially Aussie (even though I know you get them elsewhere).

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