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Muscle Sprout

The brussel sprout is a member of the brassica familyof vegetables that strikes fear into even the most  adventurous of children when it comes to “eating your greens”. This is what makes the name given to not for profit organisation “Muscle Sprouts” such a wonderful play on words that will appeal to the sense of humour of parents and children alike. When I set up the Secret Water  blog, I did so to inspire both my own family and others to make the most of the great outdoors and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Muscle Sprouts was established in 2007 with a similar underlying philosophy. The organisation was set up to “promote for the public benefit, the education of inactive and overweight children.  Their goal is to minimise the risk of childhood diseases caused by obesity, in particular heart disease and childhood diabetes.”

 In the following guest blog Emma Lovelly tells us a bit more about Muscle Sprouts and lays down a challenge to secretwater readers to take on “The Muscle Sprouts Amazing China Challenge”….

 An Amazing Challenge for an Amazing Cause

Australia has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world, with over 7 million people estimated to be overweight or obese. This is a scary statistic and more importantly for our children and their future.  According to projections from the Australian bureau of statistics,if nothing is done by 2020, 80% of adults could be obese or overweight .

Muscle Sprouts believes that every individual has the right to learn and understand how lifestyle choices, in regards to nutrition and exercise, affect life quality outcomes.

Muscle Sprouts is a not for profit, whole health management organisation whose aim is to educate children on the importance of leading a healthy balanced lifestyle through education about physical activity, nutrition advice and life skills and strategies. 

Would you like to lead by example and show Australians that you can take on the challenge to change our future? If the answer is yes, then the Muscle Sprouts Amazing China Challenge could be for you!

This journey of a lifetime trekking the magnificent Great Wall of China will raise funds to support the work of Muscle Sprouts and specifically their goal to launch a National Fitness challenge for children 12 to 14 years called The Amazing Kids Challenge. 

The China Challenge will run from Friday 15th October – Sunday 24th October 2010. 

A charity challenge is a physically demanding fundraising event, either overseas or in Australia, aimed at getting you out of your comfort zone, raising funds for wonderful charities and having an incredible life-changing experience. 

Muscle Sprouts has set your fundraising target at $6,500.

The fundraising target will cover both your travel expenses and a minimum donation to Muscle Sprouts to assist them in continuing their vital work. Essentially, you could raise all the money for the trip for a great cause and get to go along for free! Of course you have to do the challenging trek, but you also get to see an amazing country!

For more information visit the Muscle Sprouts Amazing China Challenge:

Follow them on Twitter @Msprouts

Become a Fan on Facebook –

An amazing adventure for an amazing cause.  Contact Muscle Sprouts for more info today!!

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  1. Do keep me posted on any sightings of male Jones’s venturing near (within 3 metres) to a green veg. Other than, peas lettuce and beans. May you succeed where a mother failed abysmally……
    Photographic evidence appreciated, moving image would earn more brownie points. There might even be gold stars left in my sticker tin. MJ

  2. You are a gem!

    Thank you!

    Muscle Sprouts are so pleased!

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