Secret Water…Somewhere on the Hawkesbury

Autumn Morning Mist on the Hawkesbury

Where’s your Secret Water? Last weekend we were lucky enough to join some friends at their very own secret water on the Hawkesbury, and because they’d like it to stay that way there will be no Google maps or Navionics charts with this post!

The Hawkesbury is one of the major rivers of the coastal region of New South Wales, a river system that virtually encircles the metropolitan area of Sydney. First explored in 1788, the river was a major transport route for food during the 1800s and as such at various locations along its meandering banks is a treasure chest of settler and convict relics; sandstone buildings made to last and convict built wharves peeping out from under the mangroves and gum trees.

A couple of days sitting by the river, an impromptu long lunch with old friends (accessible only by boat) and a brisk morning walk in the bush, had me dreaming once again of a sea change. An hour from Sydney and a million miles from care.  

Tide on the Bend

The 2004 film the Oyster Farmer was filmed on unrevealed locations along the river, epitomising, as the film did, the draw of living in one of the many boat access only communities dotted along its banks.

The Hawkesbury River is home to Australia’s Last River Boat Postman who delivers mail, milk, groceries and newspapers to isolated homes and hamlets. You can cruise the Hawkesbury with the River Boat Postman as he delivers his goods along with an interesting and knowledgeable commentary of the river and its history. But be careful, because if you do pay the ferryman, like me you will likely be Googling Hawkesbury River Real Estate and calculating travel times to work to secure your very own secret water. I hear the Spencer Village Store is up for sale…..

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Linda Fairbairn Aus, Charley Jones. Charley Jones said: New blog post: Secret Water…Somewhere on the Hawkesbury […]

  2. Looks like you had a simply beautiful day in a gorgeous area ~
    I think the secret is quite simply the water ~
    Even with a motor going, being on or near the water is wonderful – isn’t it :)

    1. Yes indeed, we often switch the motor off when we find a nice spot and just float, crack open the thermos and have a cup of tea. We’ve come up with a new term for it; “thermos drifting”. Quite granny like really!

  3. Charley, I love the picture of Reg at Tess on the pontoon with the mist. Definately one to keep!
    Hope all’s well….will repy to your facebook note a bit later too :)

    1. Yes, snaped that one when they weren’t looking…a “secret water” moment!

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