Rain Fairies Work Their Mushroom Magic

Magic Mushrooms

There seemed no end to the rain this week. Today the sun did come out and even though a hectic birthday party circuit put pay to a tinny trip this weekend, I did spot this amazing explosion of fungi bursting from a tree trunk at Gray’s Point when taking Rhubarb down to the point for swim.

I think the tree may have been dead or dying and the fungi visual proof of the rotting wood inside the trunk, boosted by the recent heavy rainfall. Not having an Australian fungi field guide, I turned to the internet to try and identify them and came across a great site with lots of photos. I think they might be “Orange Fan Brackets” or Anthracophyllum archeri,  described by Bill Leithhead as: “Cap to 35 mm, pale orange to bright red, usually reddish-brown. Gills decurrent, shallow and widely spaced, paler colour than cap, duller; maybe adnate to very short lateral stem. Spore print white. Australian forests and woodlands.” Although they may not be orange enough? Are there any fungi folk out there in the blogosphere? 

The aroma of the fungi was almost as impressive as the vision; if I could have identified them as edible they’d have been whipped into my favourite Antonio Carluccio mushroom risotto to warm the cockles!

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  1. Wow! What a profusion and all on the one tree :)

    1. Isnt it beautiful? I think inside the tree its all one organism, just sprouting as multiple spores on the outside.

  2. Hi Charley they are beautiful never seen such a profusion anywhere ever.i went to Pednavounder beach Porthcurno this week and fished for bass in the surf

  3. Wow Charley, they are magnificent. x

    1. These were taken around this time last year when we’d had similar amounts of rain as we are having at the moment. Perfect conditions for fairies….

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