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Art by the Ocean

Take a look chook

Last Friday, after several years of missing out, I made it to the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, an annual event staged on the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk. If you also made it there yourself this year then you’ll have experienced the real deal, but for those of you who didn’t get a chance to take a stroll, here are some snaps of the ones I got to see. They are mostly from the Tamarama end of the walk as I went on the last and only sunny weekday of the exhibition and struggled to get through the throng with the pram. I was thanking my lucky stars I didn’t bring the dog as she would have surely been arrested by a Waverley warden for boisterous behaviour given the number of four legged designer dusters out and about.  Next year I have vowed to go at the crack of dawn, finish with a breakfast picnic and then get the hell out!

Anyway, on with the show. Apologies in advance if my commentary on any of the pieces causes offence or exposes my amateur eye for art. Enjoy.

This was the first one I looked at. I love it. So simple and in memory of the indentical rusty one I just threw out,  I might stick this on the wall in the kitchen!

What a Grate Piece!

This one was like an item of clothing I’d normally walk straight past. On second glance though I had to admire the genius in this one. The sheer complexity and attention to detail is mind boggling. All made from discarded bottle tops and a stark reminder of the awful trail of rubbish we leave in our beautiful ocean.

Sea Slug


Cable Tie-tastic

Another favourite were these clusters of sea urchin, barnacle sort of things. I couldn’t help wondering if the artist had been inspired by the local coastal flora close by or was it just a coincidence? In fact all the way along I kept seeing art mimicking nature.



Pretty in Pink


If the panel van’s a rockin….. know the rest

The invention of Goretex obviously passed this guy by completely…..

Sweaty Betty

I absolutely love this one. Made of sand. Real talent. Looks just like the real thing but bigger.

Fab Crab

Can someone please explain this one to me? I just dont get it.

The lights are on but nobody's home

I reckon this one would get the people’s choice award. I love the tail feathers and the eggs inside. Reminds me of one of those ceramic chooks you keep your eggs in, in the kitchen. Always wanted one of those… 

Take a look chook

Take another look chook

Not sure if you can pick out this aboriginal rock carving in the photo, but clearly Waverley Council weren’t the first ones to think of staging an exhibition on the clifftops.

The original sculpture by the sea

And I have to say, isn’t mother nature the most talented sculptor of all?

Touched by the sea

Here’s the rest in a gallery….

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