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One Man and His Dog…and his Board and his Boy

Secret Water has gone Aotearoa. The land of the long white cloud lived up to its name last saturday as we drove down into Matauri Bay, with mist shrouding the islands and hardly a soul on the beach, just the way I like it. We were greeted by a very bouncy friendly dog who we realised was waiting on the beach for his master who was giving his little boy a surfing lesson. A really heart warming sight, especially when the boy caught a great wave and stood up all the way into the shore.

One eye on the waves

Father to Son

Happy Dog

Are you sure that's safe?

Home in time for lunch

Come on Down Beach Babies!

Happy Days

The big wet is back, Sydney is drenched and dams are overflowing. In between showers though we enjoyed a gorgeous stretch of late spring sunshine last week so we made the most of it and headed to one of our favourite spots in the shire .

My father in law has asked me not to tell everyone about this little gem but since my readership is, well let’s say still in its “growth” phase (Hi Pete!),  I don’t think we need to worry too much about the hoards descending. The place in question is the sand flats at Grays Point, just round the bend in the river from Swallow Rock boat ramp, only accessible at low tide.

There is no amenity block, kiosk, tap water etc. and limited parking. The sand is also not everyone’s liking; nice on top but slightly muddy, sulphurous and a bit pongy at times underneath.  Not the usual clean golden stuff that people like to let their toddlers loose in. Tess also cut herself on some oysters last year and if you stay too late you will get molested by swarms of sand flies.

So all in all you might be wondering why on earth I took the children down there for a picnic last Thursday. Well quite simply because all of the above combine to generally grant us the entire place to ourselves save a few a few bait diggers, fishermen and dog walkers for Ruby to terrorise. More importantly we get to share it with the odd heron, jumping fish, baby mud crabs,  and if we’re lucky a pair of soaring sea eagles on their way back to the nest. Raucous cockatoos squawking in the National Park across the water and the reflection of the sunlight on red gum bark and sandstone rocks complete my selfish little picture.

I also like to take the children there as an alternative to the picture perfect golden sands and concrete sidewalks of the city beaches and live a little on the wild side.

So now that I’ve convinced you how awful it is…hopefully I won’t see you there!

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