Training for the Cole Classic…2025

I can do this

I’ve always fancied trying my hand at an ocean swimming race, however, on occasion I have been known to harbour a little too much confidence in my own ability in some areas than is good for me.

The sport of open water swimming has undergone a massive surge in popularity in recent years according to a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald.  Before reading this article I hadn’t really given much thought to what would actually be involved other than (of course)  being seriously fit.  So last weekend I dipped my toe in the water and headed out for a bit of a doggie paddle with Rhubarb along Port Hacking. Before long I realised my goal of competing in the 2011 Cole Classic (next week) is more than a little ambitious, and we werent even in the ocean yet. But there are lap lanes with worse views than South West Arm and you have to start somewhere. Are there any serious ocean swimmers out there with some advice for a complete amateur?

Rhubarb and myself in serious training mode

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  2. Yes, don’t swim in the river. You’ll get eaten by a bull shark, especially swimming with Ruby.

    1. We were swimming in clear shallow water where you could see the bottom :) but you’re right, there could be sharks up there sometimes.

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