Snapshots of an Ocean Queen

Stepping up to see the grand lady

A holiday on a cruise ship really isn’t my cup of tea. Perhaps when I’m ninety five and other options are becoming less accessible. However, I have nothing against those whose cup of tea it is, and I have to confess when one of the really grand Cunard vessels visits Sydney I can’t resist tripping down there to soak up the nautical magnificence that only a grand ocean liner can conjure, not to mention the people watching that goes with it. To my delight there were nautical stripes, deck shoes and gold braid aplenty as well as a few dinstiguished gents in blazers and panamas. Spiffing.  Rather than view the grand lady leaving through a pair of binos from a lofty harbourside lookout I chose to get up close and personal, if only so I could get that tingly feeling when she blows her horn right in your ear. Harriet’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. Here’s some snaps that resulted from a couple of pleasant hours loitering Quayside.

It was an overcast grey morning, but the colours worked well and the weather brought a certain Britishness to the occasion, as if any more was required!

Tidy Lines

This was one of several smartly dressed gentleman who looked like they’d just stepped out of an episode of “Goodnight Sweetheart”; trilby’s, panamas and blazers, and completely oblivious to the mad woman stalking them with pram and camera.

Taking a look

In the fifteen minutes leading up to her departure, rather disoncertingly there was a man playing the theme song to “Titanic” on the panpipes, which he followed up with “Time to Say Goodbye” . And say goodbye she did; with several honks on her horn she glided gracefully away from the Quay and out into the harbour.

The lady leaves

 Here’s the rest in a gallery. Bon Voyage!

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  1. Awesome pics marshian, were you fitted out with harness, sling, ropes and ladders to reach all those angles? must be the mummy ability to manage just about anything from anywhere :)

  2. I got swept up in cruise ship-arama when we were in Auckland this week and we had a different one docked up outside our hotel room balcony each of the 3 days. I have never been someone who wanted to go on a cruise, but after Jack and I waved goodbye to all the passengers waving back as they left, I have to admit, it’s now on my bucket list to do a cruise!

  3. No ropes and harnesses, just a zoom and fortunately a cooperative baby! Did you see the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary in Auckland Jodie?

  4. Fantastic photos – really enjoyed seeing from a different perspective.

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