The Water is Waiting For You

The Water is Waiting

An unexpected work opportunity, lack of sleep and various other domestic projects of late,  have all conspired to keep me from getting out on the water. We havent had time to get out in the tinny for weeks and  blood salt levels are at an all time low. This was compounded last weekend by the cancellation of a long anticipated day’s racing on Sydney Harbour with some girlfriends.  So by late Thursday afternoon, with eyes on stalks from burning the midnight oil and a pair of restless kids on my hands I remembered that we’re still only a stones throw from the beach at Brighton Le Sands. I didnt have my camera with me so I decided to get in the retro photo craze and test out my recently acquired iphone App “Hipstamatic”, and the results were quite pleasing.

An hour down on the sand late in the afternoon reminded me what this blog is all about: being inspired to snatch some time (even just an hour) away from the rug rat race and make the most of what’s on the doorstep. Once you step down off the boardwalk you can’t even hear the traffic.

Beach Ballet

OK, so you can see the industrial silos at Botany Bay and the planes landing and taking off at Kingsford Smith, but they’re in the back ground. Their visible presence only served to remind me that I had stepped back from the rush for a second and was in respite mode. 

Watching the World Go By
An hour down on the beach was all I needed to recharge the batteries, clear the fuzz and be thankful that, despite its urbanity, I live within close reach of so many soothing places. Where’s your favourite “round the corner” place to unwind?
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  1. Nice post Charley .. Brighton is lots of fun for kids … I’m a recent hipstamatic fan too (even though there’s something a little absurd about using an $800 iphone with extra special lens and sensors and multi-meg storage to duplicate a low-end seventies camera) You’ve got some great pics there, I really love the ‘water is waiting’ shot.

    1. Yes, it is a bit strange! Even more so that I now would love to upgrade to the Iphone 4 so I can get the zoom and flash….

  2. I really like those photos. They look awesome. I’ve fortunately avoided those apps to date as I fear they might become an excellent distraction from what I should be doing :)
    When I lived in Ocean Grove I quite often would go down to the beach and just look at the water. I’ve got quite the fear of getting *in* the water, but I always found it relaxing to watch.
    Ironically, now that I live in Queensland I don’t ever go to the beach. We should do that. It’s only 20 minutes away. Occasionally we head to our local river and throw a line in. We usually get more bites from the mozzies than the fish, but it’s fun.

    1. They are indeed a distraction! But I did feel like they made my very outdoorsy and “less trendy looking than I’d like it to be blog” look a bit up and coming! Who needs the professionals now we have Hipstamatic! Can’t beat a bit of relaxing fishing or just sitting on the beach, even if you are getting a few mozzie bites :)

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