Maianbar Crab Fest!

Serge and the Soldier

If you really want to impress your overseas visitors, skip the Opera House and Bondi Beach and take them on a tinny tour of The Shire. They’ll thank you for it. Our tinny takes a maximum of four people (apparently maritime regulations consider Rhubarb as cargo) so we left the kids with the outlaws on Sunday morning and headed up South West Arm under cloudy skies and the threat of rain. As always these conditions meant there was nobody else about.  Since I had my hands free (no children to restrain) I took a few movies on the camera which I’ve published to You Tube and included below. Initially I thought it was going to be uneventful with not much of visual interest to write home about, but as usual Port Hacking came up trumps.

Hot Cross bun and thermos stop….

The ever optimistic Rhubarb

The tinny

We stumbled on some sculpture by the sea….

Sculpture by the Sea

Rhubarb in her element…..

When we stopped at Maianbar to give Ruby a burn we came across hundreds and hundreds of soldier crabs. I was sad that the children weren’t with us as they would have loved these pretty little pink and blue “Mr Pincys”. We’ll have to plan a return trip to Maianbar at very low tide again and hope they come out to play. I’m also wondering whether these critters would make a good soft shell crab salad? Can you eat soldier crabs?

A crab in the hand's worth two on the sand

No paparrazzi please


Almost gone

 Soldiers on the march….

Have fun on the water this Easter Weekend, wherever you are. We’re heading to Colo River for a spot of camping :)

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  1. I hope you blocked Ruby’s ears when you wrote that she was ‘cargo’ – Cargo indeed :(
    How funny – I’ve just realised we have the same tinny – well nearly – ours is the Explorer 375 – which I think means we can take 5 people (+ cargo LOL)
    We have some European visitors coming this weekend – and it looks like rain on the forecast, but seeing your photos all rugged up we’ll just have to do likewise – out with the sou westers hehe
    Have a great time at Colo River –

    1. Yes, poor Rubes, she wouldnt care. She’d rather be cargo than be left at home! She’s also coming to Colo with us and has her own compartment in our new tent. Have a great Easter with your guests!

  2. Not a fan of soft shell crab myself. It’s the texture!

    1. Yes, I think I’d prefer to hunt down some muddies and cook them Singapore Chilli style!

  3. Love your pics, brings back great memories.x

  4. Charly, love this posting. I just spent the afternoon oceanside here in vancouver loving to beauty that we’re so lucky to have here. I wasn’t really outdoorsy until we moved here a couple year ago. And now and I love it!


    1. Glad you enjoyed Katie. Don’t suppose you have a recipe for soft shell crab from your lovely blog?! I think I’ll give up on that and cook up some chili mud crab after I next visit the fish markets here in Sydney. Vancouver is on my list to visit, I have a few friends who hail from there. Where did you move there from? :)

  5. Im originally from Toronto. And although is in the same country feels pretty different from this ocean side city of Vancouver that we’ve now made our home! I’m dying to know what soldier and mud crabs are like! You can eat those little guys? I don’t have a posting up yet but we re-launch our boat today after a little winter cleaning and I’m hoping to catch some soon enough. I’ll be sure to let you know when I’ve got some ideas up!

    And, Happy belated Mothers Day!

    1. Katie I think the general concensus is that you cant eat the little blighters :( Shame because I could have filled a whole pot full. What sort of boat have you got? I do remember the whole winter lay up thing from when I lived in the UK. Now that I’m in Australia we can pretty much get on the water all year round. Funnily enough though I almost enjoy winter o the water here as its much more peaceful :) Would love to see some photos of your boat.

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