Antidote to the Hallmark Mothers Day

Parked at Redjacks

Yesterday I described to Reg, the fantasy Mothers day that all mums imagine but which I now realise will never materialise. Funnily enough this fantasy was much like the one described by Kerri Sackville in the sunday paper today, which gave me a chuckle. In this fantasy I awake to a sparkling house, filled with fresh flowers, folded clothes, freshly brewed coffee and a gaggle of shiny clean smelling children waiting patiently to present some expensive jewellery and a voucher for the day spa. Previous posts may have unintentionally created the false impression that I lead a charmed nautical sort of life in which my house is kept in ship shape bristol fashion just like a boat, and that we just scoop up the kids and head out to sea to take pretty pictures as soon as the sun comes out and the tides are favourable.  In the interests of keeping it real I was going to post a photo of the carnage that is our lounge room, just to disprove this notion, but luckily for you Reg put his foot down. Instead of the Hallmark fantasy Mothers day we shut the door on the mess and made our way to Redjacks Point to a super special picnic spot we came across this time last year. Jones number two loved her second trip out in the tinny with the arm flapping and squeaking proportional to the increase in speed as we left the 8 knot zone.  The picnic fairy was on hand to look after the food….

Precious picnic cargo

We picniced (is that how you spell it?) on some salmon sangers and leftover roasted veggies with feta, washed down with thermos tea. I was kicking myself for not chilling some champers as the view certainly deserved it…

View to Lilli Pilli

Look up

A spot of fairy hunting to work up an appetite for pudding…..

MUST find fairies

We didnt see any actual fairies but we know they are there because we found these…..

Magic Toadstools

Followed up with a few sandcastles…..

Fort Locks


Aerial view


…spotted some strange looking jellyfish…

Jelly bean


A visit from our friend Percival….

Sir Percival

And time to head home….

Heading for Home

And that…is the last time I ever wish for the Hallmark fantasy Mothers day. How did you spend yours? :)

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  1. Gorgeous Charley :)
    I went paddling round the Bay in a kayak ~ Not in ‘I need the exercise’ mode but ‘isn’t the water beautiful’ mode with gentle paddling strokes admiring the mangroves and the sparkling sea –
    I’m with you – loathe the commercialisation of these days ~ they’re special when from the heart, not the wallet!

    1. Sounds like a great way to spend Mothers Day Linda. I hope you were spoiled? We are really trying to make the most of this late autumn weather; no sand flies or need for much suncream :)

  2. I had a great first mother’s day. Breakfast made for me, time to read the paper, a little gift, a trip to the hairdressers and dinner & lots of laughs with my mum and dad. Perfect!

    1. Sounds blissful Jodie :)

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