The World in a Grain of Sand

We’re still at the beach. Classic golden Sydney Autumn days. The easiest time of year for kids at the beach. Warm enough sun for a good dose of vitamin D and the water still at reasonable temperatures. Carss Bush Park is one of our new favourites; a fairly recently discovered little cracker of a seaside hangout.

walk this way

We started off with a takeaway coffee and babycino from the kiosk restaurant and then set up our picnic rug near the swings, with the sand and water sparkling a few hundred metres away.
It was the end of a big week and as always, to improve our collective temperaments we opted for a day outdoors. We make use of a lot of swing parks in our local neighbourhood, and I have to admit they are a life saver. But if proof was required as to the appeal of the natural environment over the built when it comes to play, then Friday was it.
J1 played on the swings and climbing frames for about fifteen minutes. She ventured over on her own and sat for a bit. With dolly. Then she persuaded me to push her on the swings and to go down the slide a few times. But after that things got a bit stagnant. It was only 1030 so I suggested we pack everything up and plonk ourselves down on the sand. Within a minute, the trappings of modern preschooler life had been discarded at the edge of the beach….

4WD and wellies

in favour of…

tools and a spade

private corner

own devices

I've got my stick and I'm sticking with it

contrasting colours (and smells)

Watching wheels

Rainbow lorikeet clothes

Which left me with my hands free to snap up the scene…

Tides out

ripples on the other side

I gotta bite!


I really think William Blake was onto something when he wrote:
“To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour”

Where have you been making the most of the Autumn weather? Or perhaps its Spring with you?

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  1. Wonderful-each season brings it’s magic. We are enjoying the birth of Spring, new life and warmer nights-life is beautiful.
    Loving the photographs! Wishing you a beautiful weekend my friend……….Marghanita

    1. I still can’t quite get used to the topsy turvy seasons down here in Aus, and in fact there probably aren’t even four seasons. Thought of you the other day when Tess and I came across a whole crop of fluffy dandelions :)

  2. Such lovely evocative photos. Winter started here today, but I’m looking forward to a wee escape into the sunshine soon

    1. Thanks Sarah! I can never really decide whether there is any difference between Autumn and Winter in this hemisphere. I love the change in temperature that allows me to cook heartier food :)

  3. […] is the next best thing. Well actually its equally good and logistically easier. I wrote about this here , last autumn and today headed down to the same spot. We hadn’t really planned for an actual […]

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