Skating on Thin Ice…

I always wanted to ice skate as a child but living in temperate Cornwall, “warmed” by the Gulf Stream, we occasionally got a frozen puddle on which to slide but never anything expansive enough for an impersonation of Torville and Dean. So it’s quite ironic that my first outdoor iceskating experiences have been in Australia. Beside the sea.  I left it until the last minute this year to head down to the Winter Festival in Bondi, so of course it was not the bright, sunny, photographic day I was hoping for. But whatever the weather I can’t resist the chance to soak up a bit of midwinter charm. Unless I get to Thredbo it really doesn’t feel like winter for long here, if at all.  As always, my skating skills weren’t as good as I remembered from last year, but we got round and had a bit of fun. Followed by some “apres skate”. Yearnings satisfied.

I’ve been experimenting with a new gallery plugin for displaying my photos. It doesnt seem to show a title so if you want these, just hover your mouse over the photo. You can also view as an image browser or a slideshow. Let me know what you think! Did anyone else get their skates on down to Bondi?

Have a great weekend everyone and a Merry Christmas in July to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere…mince pies and sherry on the menu over here :)


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  1. Gosh you write beautifully. Those photos are magic too. We had a bogan style winter festival with an ice rink in Parramatta, but I couldn’t take my children as they are a bit young. What a lovely thing to do though. Really truly lovely.

    1. Thanks Gemma. In the interests of keeping it real I should point out that unlike last year they had no double bladed skates so Miss three and I spent most of the time skidding around trying to keep upright. BUt it was still fun. Jon us next year and we could hire a ride on seal and take it turn to push the kids around!

  2. ha – how funny – an ice rink at Bondi – actually I think the same one was over here in NZ at Queenstown during their winter festival. We have skating lessons each winter – it’s lots of fun. they have a kids progamme called kiwi skate with games etc.

  3. PS I see you are reading Scotts last Journey – if you are into reading about about polar exploration I can recommend “This Accursed Land” by Lennard Bickel – amazing and gripping biographical account of Sir Douglas Mawson.

  4. Hey Charley – looks like lots of fun. I have never been ice skating… despite being a mad roller scater in my youth!

    1. I’m sure there must be plenty of similar skills. I’m sure it won’t be long before they bring the roaming ice rink to Melbourne. It’s be great to have on the sea front at St Kilda.

  5. I check in here and end up hanging about admiring that gorgeous banner of yours. So beautiful!

    1. Inspired by your Cassandra Allen Banner. I saw yours and had to have one too! Its beautiful isnt it? I can’t stop admiring it either :)

  6. sherry and mince pies oh my! enviable! And for this Canadian girl what a bizarre, but breathtaking, setting for a skating rink.

    1. I think I’d like a go at the real thing one day i.e. thick ice!

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