Friday Photo: Stormy Weather (Through a Porthole)

A slightly different Friday ritual, following the lead of Linda from Journey Jottings 

Stormy Weather

 Shot from West Manly just past the aquarium. Edited using the Camera Bag App (Fisheye).

Been a bit bleak on the weather and tinny front lately but hope to bring you some images from the Boat show and the results of the photography competition over the next few days. Happy weekend all :)

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  1. Like you (I’m sure) I rarely go out without my camera, so I love my Photo Fridays where I get to share some visual I’ve spotted during the week!
    We all perceive the world through different portholes so I think its great getting someone else’s perspective ~

    I love your bleak, barren wintry viewpoint ~ I’ll be counter weighting that next Friday having just spotted some beautiful blossom blooming with a solitary fruit still hanging on from last summer!
    Now… however did it manage that? 😉

    1. I always try and take my camera, but often, like with this photo I snap things on my iphone. That’s often when I get the unexpected views! Looking forward to seeing the blossoms!

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