Sydney International Boat Show (if it was 1911)

I have to admit I’m not a big fan of Darling Harbour, with the significant exception of the Maritime Museum which is amazing. Its mainly the crowds, the uncosy food outlets and dare I say it, the tourists. Of course I have never been one of those. Add to that an additional gazillion people on their way down to gaze at things they can’t afford (including me) its the stuff of nightmares. However, the good people at the Boat Show ran a great photography competition and exhibition which I entered…








I took my camera down in case there was anything of a nautical nature to catch the eye. Happily the Sydney Heritage Fleet (a truly lovely bunch of people) had a few vessels tied up on the exhibition wharfs. Perfect. Many of the photos that follow are what the whole exhibition would have looked like if they’d run a boat show in 1911. Plus a few other bits and bobs that tickled me.

Crazy things like buying and selling houses and poorly chiddlers have kept me from the tinny lately, a situation that will hopefully be remedied very soon now that spring is around the corner :)

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