The Royal Treatment

Buying and selling houses is a bit stressful. So to give ourselves a break we moved in with the inlaws last week to minimise “show home” stress whilst an army of potential buyers marched through our home in the lead up to the auction. Reg’s family live in an enviable spot right on the edge of the Royal National Park, with a bush track that leads to beautiful lookouts with views across Port Hacking to Cronulla and the sea beyond.

Grays Point Spring Morning

It turned out to be a great decision in more ways than one as not only did I avoid the ridiculousness of creating home beautiful 4 times in seven days with two children under three and a half, but I benefited from being within a few seconds reach of this beautiful piece of Sydney each and every day. An extra pair of hands enabled a daily dog walk, skirting (Ok it was a quick skip through) the park, crossing the oval and down to the beach with Rhubarb for a swim and a roll in the sand.

Doggie Spa

We went on several bushwalks with the kids, woke each morning to a chorus of rawcous cockatoos and fell asleep each night to the calming hoot of the powerful owl. The week ended on a very high note when at 7am down at the point I witnessed a sea eagle swoop past me on the beach, grab a fish and fly off across the water up into the gum trees. My heart almost skipped a beat and it turned out to be a good omen as we sold the house the very same day. I love this little pocket of the world. Where did you escape to this weekend?


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  1. What a magical spot. Well done on selling your house too!

  2. What a smart decision you made! A few years ago we sold our home and the stress of getting it “show ready” once was tough enough but then to do it over and over again each time someone wanted to have a look around was too much! And we don’t even have kiddies! And look at where you ended up! Beautiful! Good luck! Hope one of those nibbles becomes a big bite!

  3. Congratulations! I’m superstitious about birds. I think it was an omen, your sea eagle friend. And what a beautiful spot to spend some time.

    1. He was so close Karen, I could almost reach and touch him!

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