A Haggle of Herons?

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Finally, we swept the cobwebs off the tinny on Sunday and headed for the Georges River to check out our new stomping ground. We move house in two weeks and we are beyond excitement.

A planned two hour trip turned into four, giving me a chance to flex my newly licensed tinny driving muscles. We have explored parts of George’s River before, which I wrote about here, and here.

One of the main purposes of the outing was to check out a tiny mangrove inlet that runs parallel to our new street, below our block. I was pleased to discover that all you can see from the water is a dense tract of bushland and mangroves, with the houses in our street hidden away behind.

Mangrove...somewhere on the George's River

Over the last few weeks I’ve been racking my brains for a suitable house name, possibly translated into Cornish. As we entered the little bay (which shall remain unnamed), we noticed a large group of herons sunning themselves on a disused jetty . I have always thought that herons were solitary birds, hunting alone in a quiet backwater, still as statues scanning the water for their next meal. This bunch numbered at least ten. My mum tells me the proper term is a “heronry” and she’d know because she’s a bird nerd.

When I got home I looked it up in Burnum Burnum’s Wild Things and would you believe there was the white faced heron on page one, the first species listed? I also looked it up on backyard birds where the heron’s nesting habit is described as “an untidy structure of sticks, placed in a tree.” Yep, that sounds appropriate. So there it is, our new home, perched among the trees above the mangroves shall be called “Herons Nest”.

If your house was a nest what kind of a bird would you be?

Wake up we're at the beach!

Queue at the boat ramp

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  1. Sunday must have been a day for brushing cobwebs off tinnys as having had ours out of the water for the past few ‘cool’ months we too went out for a spin across the Bay –

    Lovely to be back on the water, like you skirting the bird laden mangroves :)

    1. Unfortunately i think we are going to have to keep Rhubarb out of the mangroves mostly as I dont want them scared off. That many herons on one spot must be breeding?!

  2. I absolutely love your new house name and I’m putting my thinking cap on for what kind of bird I’d be….maybe a finch.

    Also loving that you refer to your Mum as a bird nerd – one of the best nerds a person could be for sure.

    Happy day – waving to you from the front verandah of my nest.

    1. Thanks Felicity! Glad you like it. What is it about your house that would make you a finch?!

  3. A bower bird. Definitely a bower bird… 😉 x

    1. Ah yes, I’m regretting my bower bird tendencies as I try to pack up!

  4. Beautiful post and how exciting moving house and naming it too! You’ve got me thinking about our home’s name. Currently we have a massive expanse of sky and water views. There is a tree in front of our home with a magpie who nests every season and out the back there are lovely grevilias with rosellas and rainbow lorrikets. But my favourite two are the King Parrot and his Queen who have dinner on the front lawn around 4pm. So maybe, the Castle? in true Aussie fashion. You also remivded me of a Montessori school in the mountains. They had/have two little wrens who made there nest high up in a corner of a verandah. The teachers put a little mirror above it so that the children could see what was going on in the nest. Katie x

    1. Your home sounds like its in a really lovely spot. The Castle would be perfect for such regal birds. Lucky you having those kind of visitors. I love wrens, the mirror idea is a lovely one, who needs nest cam when you can just use a good old fashioned mirror?! x

  5. I LOVE visiting your blog. By now you’re probably settled into your nest, but I enjoyed reading this just the same. What a fantastic place to plant sticks! Enjoy! And if I don’t hear from you before Santa comes, have a wonderful Christmas and New years. xx

    1. All settled in and now need to get my blogging rhythm back! There is so much to write about as always!

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