Messing About on Boats

Do you ever wish you were four again? The other day my little girl told me she wanted to be just like me. This isn’t necessarily a good thing but it put a smile on my face. I’ll dine out on it until she’s a teenager and tells me she hates me and wishes she’d never been born. Last Tuesday we took her for her first proper sail on a 30 foot yacht.

At The Helm

 I reassured our skipper that she is well behaved and great at following instructions, almost certain that in a new and slightly unfamiliar situation she’d be looking for guidance and doing as she was told to stay safe. As it turned out she had more confidence than a cabin rat in a hold full of cheese…

…below decks on a yacht is 4 year old cubby house heaven…

Cabin Rat


Are we there yet?

Are we there yet

If she does turn out to be just like me she will love sailing and the sea with a passion. If she doesn’t, then so it is, she will be passionate about something else and that is fine. I’m not fussed if she doesn’t want to race, but if she just likes to mess about on boats, I will be a happy woman, and we will forever have some common ground on which to be friends.

Soul mates


What age would you return to if you could and what passion would you like to pass on to your own children?

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  1. Mr T and I are really hoping our little man likes sailing. We’ll be a bit stuck if he doesn’t but the way it’s shaping up, I think our dreams of yachting together are looking ok. If I could return to any age, it would be back to about age 14. That was when I really decided I loved the sea and hanging about with my Dad in boats. So lovely to see you pics of miss 4 exploring the 30 footer. Can’t wait for the day when our little families all go sailing together.

    1. I think she felt at ease because although my hand was never far from the handle on her life jacket, we didn’t send the message to her that there was anything to be frightened of. I’m sure little T will be a natural! The other great thing about last Tuesday was the insight I had into what life might be like/possible beyond the nappy years!

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