Sulphur Crested Cocky Two Year Olds and Other Less Common Foreshore Species

Howdy strangers. Where did winter go? Its been all work and not much play here for a while. The occasional tinny trip. The lounge room at the Heron’s Nest has been strewn with companion way steps, stripped out bits and bobs of the insides of the Endeavour 26. Much sanding and varnishing. More on that in another post.

Last weekend, A few weekends ago, having reluctantly given up on the idea of fitting a camping trip in we headed down to Jibbon Beach, campstove, chairs, breakfast and lunch in tow. It was a glamour day, perfect for testing out a new camera.

Heron in a Gum Tree


The reason you go to the beach….

img_0192-1024x683 img_0399-1024x683 img_0341-1024x683 img_0384-1024x683

The sulphur crested cocky two year old….


sporting her new muddy buddy


…and other less common foreshore species…

img_0296-1024x683 img_0327-1024x683 img_0297-1024x683 img_0304-1024x683 img_0303-1024x683 img_0317-1024x683 img_0329-1024x683 img_0333-1024x683 img_0334-1024x683


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  1. Looks like an awesome day! We’ll all have to do a beach adventure together this summer, i think the little and big kids alike would love it. : )

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