The Alumni Network: A Family Affair. At USC, our alumni network can be so strong

The Alumni Network: A Family Affair. At USC, our alumni network can be so strong so tight-knit… therefore unique… for it: The Trojan Family that we even have a special name.

You’ve truly heard in regards to the Trojan Family, or at the very least some reference to it. Yet it’s hard to truly understand the ways that the Trojan Family exhibits itself without really experiencing it first-hand. Here, we will do my best to offer you a sense of what it’s all about.

For starters, we’re BIG, with over 300,000 living alumni global. Wherever you decide to settle, there will be a group of Trojans there to guide both your expert and individual pursuits. There are over 100 alumni organizations in major urban centers around the globe that host networking events, local faculty presentations, and USC game-watching parties, just to name several. For more information about our alumni groups, please visit our alumni website.

There are many benefits to being truly a USC alumnus. Individual benefits include discounts on food, travel, insurance coverage, financial services, etc. Yet, in the current hard financial times, it is perhaps the professional advantages of being a member of the Trojan Family that are most
The USC Alumni Association, in partnership with the USC Career Center, provides alumni with multiple resources including:

-Trojans contracting Trojans, an effort that provides alumni free access to ConnectSC, a large online work listings database
-Fight On!line, a database that helps alumni stay connected with one another
-Career counseling at a reduced rate
-Access to career fairs throughout the year

At USC, our company is incredibly happy with our great institution and believe that the connections you form should not end after four years. Our motto is ‘lifelong and worldwide,’ as the Trojan Family remains with you well beyond your time on campus and spans both the world and the planet. Fight On!

Jump-Start USC Internships to your Career

USC is an university with numerous research opportunities, a campus that is rich and an interdisciplinary way of education which allows pupils to pursue disparate academic interests. Finally, our hope is that these characteristics will prepare students to be leaders and innovators and also to play a role in the world after they graduate. Section of that preparation means giving pupils opportunities for internships; to use what they will have discovered in the class room to a real-world environment. Through internships students face different occupations and gain life that is real.
Having Los Angeles in our garden gives our undergraduates an edge in the world that is professional. Los Angeles is really a populous town where styles begin. Our company is city of pioneers in the arts, entertainment, technology, business and communication. Naturally, recruiters from premiere companies and corporations found within the town are interested in the skilled and expert students that our college produces and offer numerous opportunities.
Students have the ability to access these internship opportunities through several avenues on campus. They could learn about an internship through a professor, a classmate, or by approaching the career center inside their particular departments. Even in the event student is searching for an internship outside of California, they are able to simply access the iNet Internship Consortium. There is an endless quantity of personal and digital resources available for our students; they don’t need certainly to search very far to find an internship. More especially, the USC profession Center is just a ‘one stop shop’ for students searching for job opportunities. They provide workshops, career fairs and advisement to help undergraduates with resumes, interview etiquette, and anything else you can think of with regards to pursuing job or an internship. The faculty and staff work hard to make certain our pupils have the skills become competitive and adaptive in a ever-changing economy.
i have included a list of corporations and organizations that have history of recruiting young Trojans. Nonetheless, this might be only a very small slice of a pie that is big. Finally, feel liberated to watch the video below that explains in detail what the USC Career Center offers also to learn about some of the students’ previous internships.

The International Community of USC

Here at USC, we pride ourselves on being reflective associated with diverse metropolis that houses us: Los Angeles. When you come to USC, you will be surrounded by students and faculty members alike from all over the country and from all over the globe. In reality, there is absolutely no majority that is ethnic USC, and ten percent of last year’s freshman class had been made up of worldwide students.

Within the United States, the most represented geographic areas at USC are California, Texas, nyc, Illinois, New Jersey, and Washington. Not in the U.S., probably the most represented areas are Asia (including Hong Kong), South Korea, Canada, Taiwan, Asia, and Mexico.

Joseph Harari, a sophomore that is current Mexico, shared his experience being an worldwide student at USC:

Every you are surrounded by students from countries all over the world day. I currently live with four other students from Latin backgrounds, that has allowed me to learn more about Panamanian tradition, Guatemalan culture, etc. As a continuing business student, we now have a lot of discussion with this classmates. The other day in my Macroeconomics course, there was clearly a lady from Dubai in my group, that was helpful because she was able to bring first-hand knowledge about the United Arab Emirates’ economy. Having other international students around is also good because we can help each other with paperwork, finding internships, and other logistical things like that. You meet so people that are many so many different backgrounds; it really starts up the planet for you.

Having students at USC from all over the global globe adds to both the academic and social experiences of all students. Kristen Chang, an Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission as well as an alumna associated with the University, describes her positive experience:

In a day that is single my morning will be invested at my on-campus job with my coworker from Dubai; my afternoon was at a discussion section with my classmate from Melbourne; later in the day I might hit the Lyon Center with my workout buddy from Munich; We would then eat dinner with my roommate who was from Japan. Simply put, We would travel the planet in one day, and these encounters only enriched my time spent at USC by enabling me personally to see cultures that are different views to that I might not have otherwise been exposed.

At USC, one can have truly worldwide experience without even leaving the walls of campus!

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