We now have this duty to assist protect the pugilative war fighter and also by expansion, the war fighter’s dependents, and then we simply just take that really really.

We now have this duty to assist protect the pugilative war fighter and also by expansion, the war fighter’s dependents, and then we simply just take that really really.


Special Agent Clifton Randolph Jr.: i recall being for an airplane. Almost every other passenger had that social people Magazine cover with Jon Corwin and Erin Corwin’s image. … I happened to be, like, overwhelmed … this is certainly therefore big and I also’m an integral part of this. …That simply also reminds you, you have got a work to complete.

NCIS Agent Clifton Randolph had discovered that a pal of Erin’s possessed important info about the 19-year-old’s disappearance. Therefore he quickly dispatched Agent Shawn Nash towards the house of Jessica Trentham back Tennessee.

NCIS Special Agent Shawn Nash: we first met Jessica at her residence. …we did a handbook search of her phone. And … we identified a few texts that had been vital that you the research.

Unique Agent Shawn Nash: It showed up that Erin and Christopher Lee possessed a partnership.

Chris Lee Isabel Megli

Jessica Trentham confirmed the details in those texts, telling Agent Nash that Erin Corwin and Chris Lee was indeed having a love that is torrid for months — from the time Chris discovered of Erin’s miscarriage.

Beth Ford Roth: … he made her feel essential by saying, “I’m dealing with a actually tough time now, too … I do not relate to my children any longer. We perform Russian roulette each and every morning. You understand, that chooses whether i am gonna have another day or perhaps not.” …And Erin had an objective now. It had been to help keep Chris alive.

Beth Ford Roth: Jessie had been the only individual who knew … that relationship ended up being ongoing.

Lore Heavilin: and also to this very day, I have a time that is hard my mind around that. For the reason that it’s maybe perhaps not whom Erin had been.

That has beenn’t the just secret Erin was indeed maintaining from her mom.

Lore Heavilin: i did so maybe maybe not understand that Erin had been expecting. I consequently found out whenever I reached the apartment. Jon explained she ended up being expecting.

This brand new maternity arrived just months after Erin’s miscarriage and Jon ended up being overjoyed. He thought he had been the paternalfather along with no clue that Erin had secretly confided to Chris that the infant ended up being their, based on Jessica Trentham.

Beth Ford Roth: Erin texted her buddy Jessie in Tennessee that Chris had been really excited that he wanted to tell everyone about it.

At the very least that is what Chris evidently told Erin. For the time being, he had been making intends to go their family members returning to Alaska. In belated 2014, Chris ended up being under some pressure from all edges as he texted Erin and invited her off to the wilderness for the “shock. june”

Unique Agent Ashley DeChelfin: …supposedly he previously a surprise that is special her in reaction to her maternity.

Unique Agent Shawn Nash: Erin texted Jessica, ” And then he stated he is genuinely unsure exactly exactly exactly how i will respond.” …Jessica had texted back into Erin some emojis with a band and a diamond and then kiss symbols. …i might assume that might be a wedding ring.

The strong relationship between Erin and Chris would not shock Isabel Megli, page the master of the horse ranch where in actuality the partners invested a lot of hours.

Isabel Megli: Chris Lee adored which will make individuals laugh. And … Erin had been someone that provided him pleasure. While, Nichole had been really strict. Told him what direction to go … and that is just just what the issue had been, had been that Chris and Nichole did not have that relationship. But he unearthed that into the relationship with Erin.

Upon hearing about these relationships that are tangled investigators—with assistance from NCIS—went to concern Chris Lee.

Unique Agent Ashley DeChelfin: He stated which he knew Erin however they had been simply acquaintances. And he knew her through the horse ranch.

Detectives had been additionally questioning Isabel Megli and she told them in regards to a unforgettable conversation she’d had with Chris the week-end before Erin went missing.

Isabel Megli: Chris ended up being saying — he continued an excursion within the wilderness along with his friend. And I also stated, “Oh, that have to have been fun.” …He stated, “Oh, wait ’til the truth is my images. … we discovered the mine that is perfect. I discovered this mine that no one will find. ever”

Isabel Megli: and I also simply stated, “Wow.” …And when she went missing, we knew she was at a mine. So the detectives were told by me.


As NCIS agents and deputies through the San Bernardino Sheriff’s workplace proceeded their joint research into Erin Corwin’s disappearance, they unearthed that Chris Lee have been taking a look at mines the week-end before Erin disappeared — but which mines?

Unique Agent Clifton Randolph Jr.: Joshua Tree National Park therefore the surrounding area, they will have a huge number of mines.

But detectives required a specialist to aid them comb through dozens of mines. Search and rescue users pointed to 1 guy: Doug Billings, a specialist in caves and mines.

Supervising Deputy D.A. Sean Daugherty | San Bernardino County: He actually grew up in the location of Joshua Tree. And as a young child invested their summers here along with his grand-parents.

Mine expert Doug Billings “knows about each and every that is away in the Mohave Desert … and then he’s truly the only being that is human the earth who,” says reporter Beth Ford Roth. CBS Information

Beth Ford Roth | Public Radio Reporter: Doug Billings may be the cave man … he is already been called the cave whisperer … the mine whisperer. He is aware of each and every this is certainly away in the Mohave Desert … and then he’s truly the only person on earth who does.

Doug Billings | Mine expert: I did not even understand Erin’s name at the– the beginning … after which we soon got a call right straight right back saying, while they discovered more details, that there is some details about abandoned mines perhaps being mixed up in search.

Deputy D.A. Sean Daugherty: you will find so mine that is many available to you. …And a great deal territory that is vast terms don’t do so justice. …It’s just a lot that is whole of available to you.

But Doug Billings in addition to sheriff’s search and rescue group pushed in. After which, on July 1 — three times after Erin shared with her buddy that she ended up being going to the wilderness to fulfill Chris Lee — detectives brought the aquatic in for the formal interview. He had been cooperative, did not demand an attorney, and truthful sufficient to acknowledge which he and Erin was in fact having a emotional event:

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