My Creative Space: Boat Shed in the ‘Burbs

At the bottom of our garden is a small tin shed…which is now my new creative space….

Boat Shed in the 'Burbs

Its a bit British Antarctic expedition hut meets shed on the wharf. It used to look like this…..

In need of some paint

Its been a long time in the making and is my new Mummy hidey hole for blogging and making stuff. The skiff sails are still in the roof and there are two more walls to paint but having a whole desk to myself after years of sharing the dining room table is absolute heaven. On sunny weekend afternoons you might find me in here with my three year old virtual assistant (who has moved into the desk next door), drinking tea, dreaming up my latest hairbrain idea and generally pottering. Who said sheds were secret mens business?

Its a bit chilly in there right now but as the weather warms and I find a few spare hours…. I’m hoping to spend some more time in there making these…..

Card table


Images inspired by a year on the water...

Which I’m a bit proud to say have made it into the odd shop lately…

Adore Living Display

I love seeing where people do their pottering, bloggers, artists, shed lovers, whatever. Where do you do yours?




Whats your bag baby? This is mine….

Oppie Origins

Various members of my family have a reputation for their “bag lady” tendencies. I am certainly no exception and my three year old is displaying similar behaviours. When I say bags, I’m not talking about designer Chanel numbers or a glittery Nicole Ritchie-esque shoulder suitcase. I’m talking about “proper job” kit bags. The kind you can take to the beach, stuff a wetsuit in, take on a picnic or keep useful bits and bobs in. The kind of bags in which you’d find a pocket knife, hair bands, bits of string, wet wipes and a waterproof tide table. If your sunblock explodes you can just wash it out and hang it on the line.

Over Christmas I added  another bag to my collection and am so chuffed with my purchase that I have decided to share the love here.  Sails in the City make tough but stylish bags from recycled sail cloth:

” Sails that have crossed oceans or travelled around the world, sails that have raced and won regattas, sails that have taught kids how to harness the wind, sails from big yachts and little dinghies. Each sail is carrying a piece of history and salty experience.”

Whilst making bags out of sails is not a new concept, we usually don’t get to find out about the origins of the cloth . The one I bought is made from an old Optimist (Oppie) sail from the Kerikeri Cruising Yacht Club. I love the fact that my bag was involved in the development of a young sailor and it also reminds me of some happy times with my dad, who lives in Kerikeri for much of the year. I like the fact that its made from recycled materials but it still feels like a new and exciting product. Each bag is unique.

If you have old sails you can donate them to the cause or have them made into something for your own use; bags, wallets, beanbags, hammocks, deckchairs, just use your imagination. In fact Reg and I were given some brand new sails for our 16 foot skiff as a wedding present, so when they have done their service maybe we could have some new curtains for the lounge?….Have you got a favourite kit bag for your boating bits and bobs?

Capturing a Whiff of Salty Air

This little chap is a long way from his clifftop home in Cornwall

There seems to have been a bit of a theme running in my recent posts about getting outside despite the weather and embracing winter. As the arrival of baby Jones number two fast approaches, accompanied by some serious nesting behaviour I have now had to get my head around the prospect of spending more than a few weeks in the vicinity of home.

They say our homes are a reflection of our personalities and for me this is about bringing the outdoors in and unleashing the amateur interior stylist in me!

Here are a few quick snapshots of favourite treasures collected on my travels that transport me to the sea when there won’t be a whiff of salt in the air for a while.

Whilst I am closer to home I’ll endeavour to write some more practical posts; look out for “Choosing lifejackets for kids and dogs”, lots of great book reviews and some winter warmers on the recipe front. All being  well we’ll be back on, in or arond the water very soon!

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