Mussells and Mangoes

Gran Fran and her clan

Its taken me a long time to get used to Christmas in the antipodes and in many ways it will never feel quite right without the freezing weather and food and drink to warm the cockles.  But as the years have passed I have begun to acclimatise to the topsy turvy seasons, not least because of the fresh seasonal food that peaks around Christmas time in this part of the world. Christmas now means two things; mangoes and seafood. To those reading in the Northern hemisphere you’re probably wondering why I’m writing a Christmas blog at the end of January, those down South will know its because Christmas is just the beginning of the summer holidays, the days are still long, the nights balmy and we can find any excuse to stick a prawn on the barbie.

The following photos depict a fantastic boat trip we did on holidays in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. It was Hattie’s first time in a boat and as we left the marina speed limit zone and hit 20 knots I wondered if I would regret the decision to bring her along. On the contrary she loved every minute and laughed and chuckled her chubby little chops off as soon as the throttle went horizontal.

Dressed for boating

We headed to the deep clean water at the mouth of the bay for mussels and oysters and then headed inshore for pipis. Seafood doesn’t come much fresher than that.

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