A New Set of Sails

Now and then every ship needs a bit of maintenance. Sand back the weathered edges, a bit of varnish, some new sails. Secret Water recently got a bit of a renovation with the addition of a beautiful custom banner by the talented children’s illustrator Cassandra Allen.

I first came across her work via Inner Pickle who had one on her lovely blog. I hopped over to Cassandra’s site and fell in love with the illustrations in “There Was An Old Sailor”.Mothers day approached so instead of chocolates, flowers and a spa treatment I asked for a new blog banner. This is perhaps further evidence to Reg’s argument that I have become a computer club nerd? Not really, I’m saving my pennies to buy the original painting to put in my new kitchen..if it ever gets built.  I had to wait a few weeks and exchanged a few emails with Cassandra about colours, fonts and the angle and shape of Rhubarb’s ears blowing in the wind.

In case you hadnt twigged, the illustration includes some of my favourite people in the world. I think Cassandra has captured the essence of my blog perferctly.

What do you think?

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